Friday, June 4, 2010


I am Tiffany and this is my very first blog entry. I've wanted to blog for a while but haven't had any time to do this. It is almost summer and I spend a lot of my time outside. My sister, Jaci, has to help me with blogging because I haven't done this before, and she's usually busy too.

This week my school went camping for our field trip and it was the first time I ever went camping. We were at Kichi Manitou Spruce Wood Park. That is a Manitoba provincial park. Here is a picture of part of our campsite.

A lot of the tents were set up on the hill, and some on the bottom of the hill. Ours was on the bottom. I think we had the better end of the deal because those who were on top of the hill told us all about rolling a little while they were trying to sleep because it was slanted. We didn't have that problem. We almost froze though, because the night was pretty cold!!

While we were camping, we had a lot of fun activities. We were able to go to the beach there and there the kids swam while some of the supervisors played volleyball on the beach.

We also went hiking and spent a lot of time picking off wood ticks when we got back. I hate wood ticks and even though we were full of them, I still enjoyed the hike. It was mostly uphill and then downhill and it was very beautiful.

This is part of our hiking crew right at the beginning of the hike.

This is what the park looked like when we were standing on the lookout at the top of the hill. It was very beautiful and the ground looked soooo far away!!!

Our teacher also wanted us to take a group picture of those who went hiking. Our teacher is the guy wearing the big hat on the left.

An activity that our teacher planned was a buggy ride that tours some of the main attractions of the park. Our buggies were pulled by two BIG horses and my sister Becky and I were able to sit in the very first seat behind the horses!! That was the BEST part!

We also visited the Spirit Sands (sand dunes) and were able to climb up on a couple of sand dunes and we also played in the sand.

Then we visited an area in the park called the 'Devil's Punch Bowl' which is a valley shaped like a bowl with water at the bottom.

Some of the other things that we were able to do were playing miniature golf and go canoeing, but I didn't do any of those two. I did go horseback riding, but don't have any pictures of it.

I loved everything about the trip, except when it started raining and we had to leave a day early because our tent leaked and everything got wet!!

Here are two more pictures to share with you.

The first one is of my sister Becky, our friend Damaris, and me. The second one is a picture of me and my oldest sister. She graduated from school already but came along anyways as a supervisor.

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  1. Good luck with the blog candy entries..Hope you are both able to enter our Father's Day Challenge at Kona Kid Krafter's..Hug's xoxo Marjo