Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mother's Day Presents

I am Becky and this is my first project that I'm posting on our blog. We made these flower pots in school for Mother's day.

Our crafting teacher cut out all the pieces and we had to paint them. Then she put them together and added a pot of trailing petunias that the mothers planted into the box. My mom didn't plant her petunia into the box. She thought it was too cute!!

This is the card we made in school in our crafting class. I made this one for my mom.

This is the card that Tiff made for our mom. Tiffany's flower pot was given to someone who doesn't have children in school and we wanted to give everyone a flower pot. None of the families got more than one.

I hope you like our first entry.


We are Tiffany and Becky. We are 12 and almost 10 years old, and we love to craft. There are a lot of projects that we make in school that are crafted and we also make cards and other fun projects with our mom and older sister.
We hope you will enjoy looking at our blog and our projects that we make. We also hope to make some new friends.
Thank you,
Tiff & Becky